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Stefan Swanson is an award-winning composer for film, media, and concert, with over a decade of film scoring experience and over sixty scoring credits. He has also enjoyed tremendous success composing for the concert hall with over sixty compositions ranging from solo instruments to full orchestra, including two symphonies, River Thoughts and Symphony No.2, "Lipsky" (commissioned and premiered by the Ashland Symphony Orchestra).


His notable concert commissions include one from the Ashland Symphony Orchestra for a symphony commemorating the life and career of long-time musical director and conductor Arie Lipsky, which received a standing ovation at its premiere in October 2023 under the baton of Grammy-Winning conductor Michael Repper. Other recent commissions include Women of World War II (Joseph Lewis, Jr. and the AU Symphonic Band), Tacos and Strawberries (Erin Helgeson Torres), Aria and Allegro for Bass Trombone (J.J. Cooper) and The Wind (Harmonium Classical Choral Society).


He has had numerous films stream on Amazon Prime (Hard Laughter, Escaping Fed, and Premature), and one currently streaming on Hulu (Premature, which was also released in theaters in February 2020). Recently, his score to the feature film Dress Code won Best Original Score at the New Jersey Film Awards. Other films such as Gun Hill Road, Stop, Stone Cars, and The Guys and have played in all the major festivals throughout the world including Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and Telluride, along with being broadcast on NBC, HBO, Cinemax, and BET.

Whether he is writing for media or for the concert hall, Stefan's music is brimming with memorable themes and melodies, accompanied by inventive and haunting harmonies and colors. His balance of accessibility and complexity is both intensely demanding of and highly entertaining to the audience. He strives to take them on a musical journey that both challenges and fulfills their expectations.

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